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Greening The 7th District of Tennessee

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Howard Switzer

Hello everyone,

I am running for US Congress for you the planet. Currently the major political parties represent corporate interest over the interests of the people and they fund political campaigns to make sure their position and policies are upheld. We can no longer afford to let them do this.

It is difficult for a Green to get their ideas out and understood in a society guided by two polarized philosophies; individualism and socialism. Despite their differences, the two dominant philosophies are both human-centric and industrial. Green political thought is based on a philosophy that includes the 30 million other species our existence is interwoven with, and on which we depend for food, water and the other necessities of life. The current economy is parasitic, turning the biomass of other species into more human biomass as industrial activities propel extinctions of others at an accelerating rate. The writing is on the wall, our planet is finite, and while only a minority is seeing it, Greens have a plan to repair the damage.

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Bless our Planet and all our Relations.