2012 Election Results

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<table width=”609″ border=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ cellpadding=”0″><colgroup> <col width=”99″ /> <col width=”113″ /> <col width=”85″ /> <col width=”88″ /> <col width=”100″ /> <col width=”124″ /> </colgroup>
<td width=”99″ height=”33″>Office</td>
<td width=”113″>Green Candidate</td>
<td width=”85″># of Votes</td>
<td width=”88″>% of Votes</td>
<td width=”100″>Place in Race</td>
<td width=”124″>Incumbant won w/ %</td>
<td height=”33″>President</td>
<td>Jill Stein</td>
<td>4th of 7</td>
<td height=”33″>US Senate</td>
<td>Martin Pleasant</td>
<td>3rd of 9</td>
<td>R = 64.93</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D1</td>
<td>Robert Smith</td>
<td>4th of 5</td>
<td>R = 76.05</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D2</td>
<td>Norris Dryer</td>
<td>3rd of 5</td>
<td>R = 74.44</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D4</td>
<td>No green</td>
<td>Just trivia</td>
<td colspan=”2″ width=”188″>Scott DesJarlais wins against single opponent</td>
<td>R = 55.94</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D5</td>
<td>John Miglietta</td>
<td>3rd of 3</td>
<td>D = 65.22</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D6</td>
<td>Pat Riley</td>
<td>3rd of 3</td>
<td>R = 76.58</td>
<td height=”33″>US House D7</td>
<td>Howard Switzer</td>
<td>3rd of 6</td>
<td>R = 71.03</td>
<td height=”33″>TN House D3</td>
<td>Suzanne Parker</td>
<td>3rd of 3</td>
<td>R = 75.25</td>
<td height=”33″>TN House D15</td>
<td>Calvin Cassady</td>
<td>2nd of 2</td>
<td>D = 82.22</td>
<td height=”33″>TN House D16</td>
<td>Bryan Moneyhun</td>
<td>2nd of 2</td>
<td>R = 84.75</td>
<td height=”33″>TN House D55</td>
<td>Susan Shann</td>
<td>2nd of 2</td>
<td>D = 77.34</td>