“Houston: We Have a Solution!” Greens Nominate Dr. Jill Stein for President

Green Party of TN (GPTN) Takes 2 Prong Approach to Ballot Access

Plan A has us winning the current lawsuit and being granted a Green ballot line

Plan B is to collect 275 signatures to place her on the ballot along with the independents

Greens across Tennessee rallied to sign a petition to have Dr. Stein placed on the ballot as an independent. The Green Party of TN will submit sufficient valid signatures to the Division of Elections on the filing date, Thursday August 18.     This is still Plan B.

GPTN vs. (The State)

GPTN filed it’s second lawsuit alleging unconstitutional ballot access laws in TN in 2011.  We won the first round.  The State appealed.  We won most of the points in our suit, however one was sent back to the District Court: Is the amount of needed signatures to get a minor party on the ballot, currently 2.5% of the number of votes received in the previous gubernatorial election, unconstitutional?  The trial to determine the outcome was held mid July.  We expect a ruling any day, and hope to have a ruling in our favor before ballots go to print.

Where to Find Jill on the Ballot?:

If we hear favorably from the court Jill will be on your ballot with “Green” by her name listed in line with the other party candidates.  If we don’t hear, or hear unfavorably, from the court she will be placed on the ballot with independent candidates.  You will have to seek her out.

Yard Signs and bumper stickers are on order.  Check back later.

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Our current political system works for the 1%, not for the people or the planet. The failing world economy, peak oil, and attempting to maintain world hegemony are all taking their toll on the citizens of this country. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican Parties can offer a way to recovery because they are beholden to the corporate money that supports them and the system of extraction that has set the planet on a precipitous path. The Green Party is working to re imagine our economy, our ecology and our communities.
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