Annual Meeting: Fun & Effective Change

Green Party of TN 15th Annual Meeting

Saturday, April 18, 2015     11AM-3PM

Long Hunter State Park

2910 Hobson Pike, Hermitage, TN 37076

Our Favorite Time of Year – Together Time!

Greens from across the state will gather on Saturday April 18 for our 15th Annual Meeting. This is a general membership meeting and all Greens are encouraged to come determine the course of Green politics in Tennessee. Non-members are welcome, too!

What’s Happening?

We’ll have discussions about the Green Platform, TN Political Resources, Economic Sovereignty and Creative Outreach. Plus, good food and conversation, and time in the woods for those interested.  The meeting is free and open to the public. Donations are most appreciated. Lunch will be available for $7 or you can bring your own.

Where will we be?

We are meeting in a natural setting in honor of Earth Day and the interconnectedness, through policy making, of all the Earth’s concerns. The building is a bright, naturally lit room of windows looking out on the beauty of Long Hunter State Park.  In this non-election year we chose this setting to enhance our time together and inspire creative thought and planning.  Check this out to learn more about the fun activities: hiking, biking, boating and more, available at Long Hunter State Park.

Why Should You Come?

It is through nature’s own Natural Systems thinking that Green’s make policy to create healthy ecosystems and vibrant human communities; and regenerate, protect and preserve the wild world, as well. It is time for citizens to step up and offer the solutions that are showing up – and working – all around the world.  We can choose to stop asking others to make these decisions for us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Let’s join together, roll up our sleeves and be the political party we’ve been searching for.  All it takes is you.

How does it work?

Elections for GPTN State Coordinating Committee are held 3 weeks after annual meeting. Come learn more about this important work to ensure the continuation of the Green Party of TN and be informed when ballots for this committee are distributed in May. Consider running for a seat yourself. Committee members at all levels of experience are needed. New voices are welcome and needed. Knowledge in tech, social media and organizing are especially desired. If those aren’t your skill sets please run for the committee anyway, there’s plenty of places to use the talents you have. Together let’s protect the political environment of Tennessee.


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Our current political system works for the 1%, not for the people or the planet. The failing world economy, peak oil, and attempting to maintain world hegemony are all taking their toll on the citizens of this country. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican Parties can offer a way to recovery because they are beholden to the corporate money that supports them and the system of extraction that has set the planet on a precipitous path. The Green Party is working to re imagine our economy, our ecology and our communities.
True democracy requires extensive citizen involvement. This is a core principle of the Green Party. The Green Party of TN is a non-corporate political party working to create a society that reflects our 10 Key Values.
If you agree with the views of the Green Party we encourage you to participate on a civic level and run for office. The Green Party actively seeks candidates. When you are ready to run please let us know. There are many ways to participate in the electoral process other than running for office. All candidates need support systems and there are many tasks to do. Knowledge in areas of finance, organization, publicity/marketing and others are all needed. We need YOU. It's your country, it's your future, actively be a part of it. Join the Green Party and work for Peace, Justice, Ecological Wisdom and Grassroots Democracy.
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